Coalitions Work!

Collaboration is a critical aspect of addressing youth substance use issues in our communities. Working with other individuals and/or organizations that have a common goal means we’re able to combine resources so that we can do more to create positive change.

We recently learned about an online tool created by Texans Standing Tall, a statewide coalition working to prevent alcohol and other drug use among youth, that allows communities to identify prevention coalitions in their area.

More than 70 coalitions are included in the interactive tool, which allows users to identify coalitions by things like where they’re located, the size of their community, and the substances on which they focus their prevention efforts (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, etc.). The tool serves as a resource for individuals and organizations that want to engage with local prevention coalitions on issues they’re concerned about.

In addition to providing information about prevention coalitions, the tool also provides information about local traffic safety specialists, who make natural allies in efforts to reduce underage drinking and associated consequences like impaired driving. With nearly 1/3 of fatal alcohol-related crashes involving a driver age 25 or under, both prevention coalitions and the traffic safety community have a vested interested in reducing young people’s access to alcohol for the good of public health and safety.

Working together, we can create healthier, safer communities. Texans Standing Tall’s tool arms us with the technology to help mobilize community members to join our efforts. Visit to learn more and get involved with a coalition near you!