What is the Coalition?

The Coalition, a 501C(3) organization, is a group of concerned citizens and parents intent on keeping the youth of our community drug and tobacco free. The Coalition is a vital element to community health and well-being in Angelina County. Key successes over the past 25 years include:

  • Spearheading the Smoke-Free Lufkin movement which resulted in passing City Ordinance #429, prohibiting smoking in all public places
  • Training and educating over 1,000 youth as Angelina County Drug-Free All Stars
  • Assisting Angelina College, The Mosaic Center, Pregnancy Help Center and other organizations in establishing smoke-free campuses
  • Conducting education and media campaigns which ultimately reduced underage drinking from 36.8% in 1984 to 13.5% in 2015

Environmental Prevention

As part of The Coalition’s grant funding, our focus is centered on creating environmental changes in our community rather than individual changes in each community member. With this broader focus we can make lasting changes that will affect the larger population as well as future generations.

5 Components of Environmental Prevention

Policy – Public policies can be designed to limit access to substances and decrease associated problems.
Enforcement – Many laws designed to reduce the problems of drug use are often not enforced or not consistently enforced.
Education – The public must know the magnitude of the problem, as well as be informed of laws and prevention strategies.
Communication – Public perceptions about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs play a significant role.
Collaboration– Groups of people can have a greater impact than individuals working independently.