Board of Directors


Executive Board

Martha Hernandez, Chair, representing the business sector
Jackie Zimmerman, Vice-Chair, representing the business sector
Beth Jones, Secretary, representing as a parent
Maci Dover, Treasurer, representing the business sector
Judge Wes Suiter, Immediate Past Chair, representing local government


Koshy Alexander, representing the business sector
Jeremiah Campbell, representing the recovery community
Judge April Earley, representing local government
Lauren Hable, representing a local civic group
Lynne Haney, representing the business sector
Judge Bob Inselmann, representing local government
Paul Jackson, representing local mental health organization
Jordan LaCaille, representing a young adult-serving organization
Robin Lowe, representing a local community (Diboll)
Elizabeth Matthews, representing as a young adult
District Attorney Joe Martin, representing local government
Janiece Metcalf, representing a local community (Zavalla)
Yana Ogletree, representing the business sector
Al Ross , representing the faith community
Sheriff Greg Sanches, representing law enforcement
Kim Simmons, representing a substance use prevention organization
April Soderquist, representing the local schools (Lufkin)
Dr. Kindrell Tucker, representing the healthcare sector
Judge Paul White, representing local government
Lt. David Young, representing law enforcement


Sharon Kruk, Executive Director
Patricia Pitones, Community Coalition Partnerships Grant Coordinator
J.P. Heath, Youth Coordinator (TPCC)